Revolectrix Silver Label 4S 1200mAh 70C LiHV GoPACK

SKU: RL-4S-1200-70C-HV
High-voltage Graphene Oxide UAV LiPo battery pack provides 1200mAh at a maximum discharge rate of 70C

6 available

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The Revolectrix Silver Label High Voltage GoPACK series of Graphene Oxide batteries hold a higher voltage charge per cell, which results in more potential power for your aircraft. Each cell can be safely charged to 4.35v per cell, up from the standard 4.2v per cell, and come with programmed BUMP tags.

By combining automatic auto stacking process and the worlds only spray coated anode/cathode in RC industry, strict single cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process. And by using superior Japanese and Korean Lithium Polymer raw materials result in some of the lowest IR cells in the market while maintaining competitive price!



Dimensions 25x34x72mm
Weight 131g
Battery Voltage 15.2V
Maximum Discharge 70C (84A)
Maximum Charge Rate 3C (3.6A)
Main Charge Lead XT60 connector, 12 AWG wire
Balance Connector JST-XH connector, 22 AWG wire


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